Buy-Hand is the largest online warehouse of handmade* products in South Africa.

We reimagine e-commerce platforms by using business partners to create new online distribution channels for local handmade products.

*High quality products with distinctive features, usually made within small batches, by hand or utilising traditional methods of production.


What if there was a way to market your products
through creative channels for new revenue?

Business Partner

What if there were innovative ways to sell
in your current environment for additional revenue?


You Sell, We Give

We are an impact business aimed at increasing revenue among local artisans, business partners and Buy-Hand. Besides economic profit, our objective is to grow the local artisan industry and to assist in the creation of jobs for local communities in South Africa.

Added to our mission on job creation, 20% of Buy-Hand is owned by a charity that works with young people in the townships around Cape Town. Salesian Life Choices invests in vulnerable youth to tackle inequality. The organization provides free services to youth on family stability, health, education and employment aiming at giving young people a fair chance in life.

By supporting Buy-Hand you will be supporting the development of previously disadvantaged communities.